California State Assembly member, Melissa Melendez (R) of the 67th District, provided to the public her recommendations for the November 2016 ballot propositions. Melendez pointed out one proposition in particular for voters to mark “no’, “If nothing else vote no on Governor Jerry Brown's Proposition 57. This would make the sexual assault of an unconscious person, drive by shootings, and some domestic violence no longer a violent crime,” said Melendez.Melendez said Prop. 57 would make Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner's sexual assault a non-violent crime. 

There will be a town hall meeting Tuesday September 20th at 7:00pm to learn what state lawmakers did this year. The meeting will be held at Lakeland Village Community Center located at Lakeland Village Community Center, 16275 Grand Avenue, Lake Elsinore.

The following is a guideline for readers on propositions in the State of Califoria to print out and save.  

Prop 52 – YES
This creates more accountability and requires public oversight for any change to the hospital fee.  With our hospitals required to care for the uninsured in the emergency department, they have self imposed this fee to enable access to federal grants that offset this hard cost which would otherwise cause our hospitals to close and decrease access.
Prop 53 – YES
This creates more accountability and requires a vote of the people for revenue bonds above $2 Billion.
Prop 54 – YES
The legislature should be required to post legislation online for 72 hours before it can vote on it.
Prop 55 – NO
No more income tax increases, in fact we should be cutting taxes.  I didn’t support it the first time, and I’m sure as heck not supporting its extension.
Prop 56 – NO
No more taxes. Period.
Prop 57 – NO
The Governor has lost his mind on this one.  First it was AB 109, then Prop 47, and now this.  How much does violent crime have to increase before people are willing to say no?
Prop 58 – NO
I support English as the official language of our education system for preparing students to succeed in the world.
Prop 59 – NO
Elected officials have a conflict of interest when it comes to the Citizens United v FEC decision.  Giving elected officials this kind of power is an overreach.
Prop 60 – NO
I do not believe this ballot initiative should be taken seriously.
Prop 61 – NO
I do not believe the government should be pricing drugs.  Furthermore, the moment the government begins to bear this kind of regulation on our healthcare system, the sooner we stifle research and development, and slow the effort to find cures for terminal illnesses.
Prop 62 – NO
I support the death penalty.
Prop 63 – NO
This measure will not stop terrorists from getting access to guns.  It will however create a costly bureaucracy for an already bureaucratic process for small business owners who sell firearms
Prop 64 – NO
I believe the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes will increase the risk for crime and other potential dangers.
Prop 65 – NO
I do not support the plastic bag ban.  This type of tax only hurts the working class by increasing their cost for the use of plastic bags.
Prop 66 – YES
Reforming the California death penalty will ensure due process protections for those sentenced to death and promote justice for murder victims and their families.  This will save taxpayers millions.
Prop 67 – NO
I oppose the plastic bag ban.
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